What is naturism?

"Together, quiet and undisturbed enjoyment of freedom, joy and fresh breeze on your skin." No hassle with wet bathing suits on your naked body. Simply streak-free brown skin.
It does not matter where you come from, what religion you have, whether you are fat or thin, young or old, dark or light skin color. A place where you respect each other regardless of their background. Mutual respect and respect for nature and the environment are very important for us. "

What does that naturism really mean?

The above definition can be found on the website of the NFN, can be interpreted in different ways. For us as NZD'ers will entail on Sunday, without annoying swimwear, swim for an hour. Many experience the nude recreation as a relaxed and enjoyable way of pastime, with notice that the people look over together less on their differences when they wear clothes, creating an atmosphere of friendliness and tolerance.
Many of our members (many did already) spend their free time at the camping, beach or otherwise. After the naturist swimming hour to  discover, that without clothes is not as weird or shameful; feeling to be "watched" is quickly disappeared.
We invite you to take a step further and experience how much fun you can have.